ODD diagnosis correlations

965. ADD - History of frequent behavior problems in school (mostly for males) (correlation: .25)

1017. ADD - Trouble with authority (correlation: .21)

988. ADD - Frequent, impulsive job changes (correlation: .17)

1019. ADD - Rage outbursts, short fuse (correlation: .16)

984. ADD - Trouble going through established channels, trouble following proper procedure, an attitude of 'read the directions when all else fails' (correlation: .16)

963. ADD - History of ADD symptoms in childhood, such as distractibility, short attention span, impulsivity or restlessness. ADD doesn't start at age 30. (correlation: .16)

964. ADD - History of not living up to potential in school or work (report cards with comments such as 'not living up to potential') (correlation: .15)

978. ADD - Restlessness, constant motion, legs moving, fidgetiness (correlation: .14)

231. Do you thrust your tounge at the wrong occassion? (correlation: .14)

1018. ADD - Quick responses to slights that are real or imagined (correlation: .14)

969. ADD - Easily distracted, tendency to drift away (although at times can be hyper focused) (correlation: .14)

337. Do you often question authority? (correlation: .14)

1049. Do you respond quickly to slights? (correlation: .14)

970. ADD - Lacks attention to detail, due to distractibility (correlation: .14)

16. Do you sometimes mix up pronouns and, for example, say "you" or "we" when you mean "me" or vice versa? (correlation: .13)

1014. ADD - Verbally abusive to others (correlation: .13)

1021. ADD - Tendency to seek conflict, be argumentative or to start disagreements for the fun of it (correlation: .13)

1015. ADD - Proneness to hysterical outburst (correlation: .13)

977. ADD - Tendency to be easily bored (tunes out) (correlation: .13)

18. Do you have a monotonous voice and/or difficulty adjusting volume and speed when you talk? (correlation: .13)

968. ADD - Short attention span, unless very interested in something (correlation: .13)

997. ADD - Chronic procrastination or trouble getting started (correlation: .13)