Prosopagnosia diagnosis correlations

89. Do you have problems recognizing faces (prosopagnosia)? (correlation: .30)

83. In conversations, do you have trouble with things like timing and reciprocity? (correlation: .22)

18. Do you have a monotonous voice and/or difficulty adjusting volume and speed when you talk? (correlation: .20)

54. Do you have difficulties filtering out background noise when talking to someone? (correlation: .19)

215. Is it easy for you to interpret body language? (correlation: -.18)

278. Do you forget you are in a social situation when something gets your attention? (correlation: .18)

130. Do others often misunderstand you? (correlation: .17)

262. Do you have a good sense for what is the right thing to do socially? (correlation: -.16)

207. Do you have difficulties throwing and/or catching a ball? (correlation: .17)

201. Do you dislike touch? (correlation: .17)

285. Can you read between the lines? (correlation: -.16)

82. Are you usually unaware of social rules & boundaries unless they are clearly spelled out? (correlation: .17)

225. Are you intuitive about what people need from you? (correlation: -.15)

48. Are you hypo- or hypersensitive to physical pain, or even enjoy some types of pain? (correlation: .16)

26. Do you tend to get so absorbed by your special interests that you forget or ignore everything else? (correlation: .16)

128. Do you know when you are expected to offer an apology? (correlation: -.15)

84. Do you have difficulties judging unseen limits and other people's personal space unless clearly informed? (correlation: .16)

160. Do you feel an urge to peel flakes off yourself and / or others? (correlation: .16)

268. Do you dislike being hugged when you haven't asked for it? (correlation: .16)

38. Do you need to sit on your favourite seat, go the same route or shop in the same shop every time? (correlation: .15)

65. Are you easily overexcited, stressed and overwhelmed by things like noise, crowds, clutter, patterns, flicker and movement? (correlation: .15)

3. Do you get confused by verbal instructions - especially several at the same time? (correlation: .15)

220. Do you sense the boundaries of others without being told? (correlation: -.14)

286. Can you spot hidden agendas with ease? (correlation: -.14)